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Guy Fawkes Day Gallery

5th November

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Some of those attending our Annual Guy Fawkes Celebration

Below are some of the pics taken the last 2 years. The images below are low-res thumbnails to make the page load fast - click on any image for a larger, higher-res version.

Click [here] for more information about Guy Fawkes Day.

Guy Fawkes 2006

The gang from Canada Anonymity is an illusion I love the smell of... No, that's not him.
Stephanie & Josh return for their 1st anniversary! Steph with David Josh & JC Steph & JC
with Josh's parents

Guy Fawkes 2005

David's Family from Cambridge, UK David's Family from Cambridge, UK Jan and friend hiding behind flowers A bunch of Byrds
Heart of Oak
(Lonnie Dee and Wen Dee)
Heart of Oak
(Link to their site)
Brian at work with Bob & Darryl Heart of Oak
(Link to their site)
David with his family (still from Cambridge, UK) ... Brian, Karen & Tammy Jacques explaining.*
Heading for the deck Brian and Karen, & Darryl Melissa, Laurie & Ben ... enjoying. Jacques still explaining... *
Marcus & Friend NC honeymooners. Darryl, Nick, and Laurie Jacques explaining to Stephanie & Josh. *
Jacques setting up firepower. Guy Fawkes fireworks begin. Brian firing a round. Jacques explaining to Sara and Roddey. *
Waiting for another car. Blowtorch firing mechanism. Jacques reloads mortar tubes. Jacques explains to Brian. *
Half of Heart of Oak (presumably the Heart and not the Oak!) Atlanta honeymooners Stephanie & Josh. Stephanie & David. Stephanie & Josh enjoy "bonfire."

* Jacques explaining?



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