Fox and Parrot
A Non-Smoking, Family Oriented, British-Themed Tavern
Welcome to the Region's ONLY
Authentic British Pub!

1065 Glades Road, Gatlinburg, Tennessee 37738 865.436.0677
In the centre of Gatlinburg's "Arts & Crafts Community"

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F-n-P Drinking Vitamin G

Why Come to the Tavern?

  • Brian got married and is calmer. ER, scratch that...
  • F-n-P now sells Bud and Bud light. ER, scratch that...
  • The tellie features NASCAR. ER, Scratch that...
  • We have a new jukebox? ER, scratch that...
  • The fish and chips comes with tartar sauce? No Way!
  • We only sell draught on days that end with the letter 'y' !!


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F-n-P Alcohol is a solution

Pub Hours
Monday - Thursday
Noon - 8 PM
Friday & Saturday
Noon - 10 PM
Noon - 6 PM

Have you seen the Draught Beer Line-up? Recently?

Remember enjoying the 10 authentic draughts we have been serving for years? Well... you asked for more variety and we listened. We now have 31 different draught beers and counting... In fact - we had to expand the bar area just to accomodate the new equipment. A large state-of-the-art cold storage facility on the lower floor keeps the draught beers at just the right temperature.

Guiness should be served how? On it's own draught pump with the keg kept at cellar temperature - 12-14 C (54-57 F). That is how the Irish intended it and that's the way we serve it. Accept no substitutes! How do we know? Check the following page at the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) website: [link]. That's going to the source. That's authentic.

Click [here] for a list of our latest additions!

We are proud of our new bar area and expanded offerings and cannot wait until you come back to enjoy the changes with us.

Cheers, Mate!

Authentic British Pub

Any place that serves beer can call itself a bar, but a pub is something special. We take the statement "Authentic British Pub" very, very seriously. A Tavern? Certainly. A Bar? Never!

A British pub is a place to take your family for a pint or a meal or both. A safe, comfortable environment free of smoke and loud music or rowdy people. That is our goal - to create the comfort of an Authentic British Pub. Please stop in and let us know how we are doing

There are those that will claim that they have an authentic British pub or tavern. But Brian is so authentic, there are 2 towns in England that share his surname. Papworth Everard and Papworth St. Agnes are two villages 12 miles West of Cambridge in what once was Huntingdonshire. Doubters can click [here] for proof.

  • We could Americanize the British recipes or try to make them "our own version" - but that would be turning our back on the pub tradition.
  • Our recipes were literally brought across the pond from the UK and are as authentic as locally available ingredients will allow.
  • We could decorate the Fox and Parrot for Mardi Gras or Nascar or every other event or holiday that comes along..but we don't. Our staff has have been taking annual trips to the UK for years and have never seen a British pub decorated for Mardi Gras or Cinco de Mayo (they don't like the French and are too far from Mexico to understand Cinco de Mayo)- but that's another story.

  • Speaking of those annual trips, we have at least one member of our crew criss-cross the UK each year to make sure we are in touch with the British tradition. Have you ever had the fish and chips that were voted the best in the UK? If no, visit the Magpie Cafe in Whitby on your next trip to the UK. That's where we went to test the authenticity of our fish and chips recipe. The picture on the right was taken on Boxing Day, so the regular cafe was closed - but the Take-Away was open - with many people braving the December wind right off the North Sea to get the Magpie Cafe's best of class fish & chips. That's what happens when you do things right.

WIFI at the Tavern!

You asked for WIFI and we have accomodated you. Sparing no expense, we have added broadband internet access to better serve those suffering from internet withdrawal. Catch up on your email, update your Facebook account, send a tweet about how fab the Tavern is -- all whilst enjoying the finest in British Fayre and hand picked draughts.

Join us and bring the family.

  • We pride ourselves in our family-friendly environment where you can enjoy traditional British fayre for both adults and kids
  • We have a wide selection of ales, lagers, stouts, and porters from the British Isles, Germany, Jamaica, and the US.
  • See our list of draught and bottled ales.
  • All of the food is made from scratch and is as authentic as possible.
  • We also have a large-screen TV for those critical English Premiership League matches, or BBC America. You can always hear traditional music from the British Isles on the stereo. It's the only place you can hear "Amazing Grace" played on the bagpipes, followed by "Tie your Mother Down" by Queen.
  • We have hosted many gatherings, like:
    • birthday parties for small kids (like Ryan's or bigger ones (like Brad's),
    • wedding receptions,
    • anniversary parties,
    • click [here] for examples
Contact Brian to see how can we help make your celebrations a memorable success!

Family Dining area

The main dining area is completely non-smoking, although we have a large patio out front and downstairs for those that need to nip away for a break. Weather permitting, you can order, eat, and drink on the patio. And since it is outside, smoking is permitted.


One of our dart boards


Fancy a game of British darts? We have a dual-board gaming area just right for playing or learning. If the game is not familiar to you - your host will be happy to help you learn. We have a set of dart rules and explanations on this site.

You would never find fake cork or electronic dart boards, or plastic tipped darts in any self-respecting British pub. So you will never find them here. No way - this is an authentic tavern. We have only the best quality imported British bristle boards and steel-tipped, balanced darts.



Is the Fox and Parrot haunted? Or is this just a rumour? Sir Brian insists that those were just chicken bones he dug up when building the tavern and have nothing to do with vodoo or sacred burial grounds. Others disagree. When you come in... listen carefully and watch for moving shadows out of the corner of your eye.

And, keep telling yourself - they were only chicken bones...



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